Lapsed Policy

Lapsed Policy

Don’t let a lapsed policy hinder your financial security. Our team specializes in reclaiming funds from lapsed policies, ensuring you don’t lose out on the benefits you’re entitled to. We’ll navigate the intricate processes, diligently working to reinstate your policy and recover your hard-earned money.

With our expertise in insurance policies and procedures, we’ll explore all available options to revive your lapsed policy and maximize its value. Trust us to handle the complexities of the reinstatement process, advocating for your best interests every step of the way.

Don’t let your past policy go to waste. Contact us today for a consultation, and let us guide you towards reclaiming the financial security and protection you once had. Together, we’ll strive to restore your coverage and secure your peace of mind.

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The healthcare and medical services sector plays a vital role in the welfare of any country. To effectively manage health and medical insurance, clear understanding is crucial for governments, employers, and society. Disputes in this sector often stem from misunderstandings, exclusions, and inconsistent laws. While corporate hospitals have TPA desks, such facilities are not widely available. Incorrect policy declarations and inadequate documentation further complicate matters. Insurance Samadhan recognizes the challenges faced by individuals who struggle with industry jargon and complexities, such as understanding exclusions and room rent limits. We are dedicated to representing cases and resolving health insurance complaints for our valued customers.
In 2016, Insurance Claims accounted for 70% of consumer complaints in the Insurance Sector. Issues such as fraud, lack of awareness, and improper documentation contribute to the imbalance in the sector. Despite regulatory measures, a comprehensive solution remains elusive. Claimant Mitra tackles these challenges, aiming to remove obstacles for clients and resolve life insurance complaints promptly and effectively.
General Insurance, encompassing policies like Automobile, Homeowner, Health, Travel, Marine, and Commercial Insurance, faces challenges in India. Lack of awareness, complex language, misrepresentation, and slow claim settlements discourage consumers. Claimant Mitra addresses these issues by aiding policy understanding, representing consumers, and facilitating claim recovery. With industry expertise, our solutions for general insurance complaints are tailored to suit and be easily understood by Indian consumers.

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